→ Visual Identity
In other words, we create brands, brands that go beyond a simple symbol. We bring them to life by delving into their innermost depths and uniting their rational and emotional attributes, simplifying them and giving them a unique and real aesthetic character.

→ Strategic Digital Communication
In addition to bringing your brand to life, we like to put it on the map, we draw up strategies for digital communication, strategies to deliver the message of your brand, company or project, always telling a story that excites and empathises with your audience, and building a narrative in line with your values.

→ Social Media
In the times we are living in, creating a community of believers in the different social networks is essential. Social networks is something primordial, thanks to them we can share our experiences, chat with our followers, build relationships with our target audience more quickly and communicate our story and values in a much more direct way.


There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution when it comes to design, and each project often requires a slightly different approach. However, the essence of my design process stays the same. It provides a structure for everyone to follow, secures understanding and maintains focus. The fundamental method comprises the five stages listed below, which are flexible and adapt to the specifics of each project. Expand each one to learn more.

1. Discover
This is the most important stage as it lays the foundations for a project. Here I work closely with you to dig into the specifics of what you need, the problem you are facing and the outcome you wish to achieve. From there, we work together to determine the best route forward and move into the design phase fully informed and on the same page.
2. Create
Taking everything I have learned from the first stage, this is where I put the plan into action. Whatever the design outcome, I ensure that the agreed brief and strategy is adhered to at all times, never losing site of the end goal. At the end of this stage, I will present the design concept(s) for you to provide feedback.
3. Refine
Following receipt of the design(s), this is your opportunity to provide feedback. Here we can discuss if anything needs to be altered, ensure everything is fit for purpose and answers the brief. I will then refine the final design ready for handing over.
4. Handover
Once you are happy with the design and final sign-off has been given, I will finalise the project. This involves preparing and supplying all final files, this is usually in the form of a digital download link. Depending on the project, deliverables will differ, but all appropriate file formats will be provided and any specific requirements will have been discussed.
5. Aftercare
Finally, I pride myself in supporting my clients, therefore even though a project may have officially come to an end, my inbox is always open. In addition, certain projects such as logo design come with tangible support in the form of digital guidelines on how to implement your logo and achieve maximum impact.